Recommendation of the business

Used Japanese tractors and construction machines are very popular in the world.

Why have Japanese tractors and construction machines been popular?

It is truth that people in the world agree with Japanese machine’s quality. Especially most of used tractors work once a year ,that is why working hours are less than the other machines and they are in quite good condition. In addition most of used tractors are put diesel engine on to be repaired easily.

Assistance details

We kindly assist your new business opportunity.

  1. We will inform you machine’s condition after carefully checking.
  2. To inform you almost total price for importing products from Japan.
    (The machine price, delivery cost,charge for exporting, ocean freight,ocean insurance,charge for importing,tax and delivery cost to your property.)
  3. Making documents and advice for importing products.
  4. New spare parts can be ordered if you would like.
  5. Please ask us everything if you have any questions.

Making order as container cargo.

We recommend that using container cargo to make order to avoid high ocean freight on per unit if you would like to take units per one cheaply. About 8 to 12units will be loaded to 20ft container, and 16 to 28units will be loaded to 40ft container however it depends on models. Please ask us the details,we can arrange that for fully container.

Welcome to our yard to check machines.

If you would like to visit our yard, please inform us in advance. We can tell you how to access our company and pick you up from transport station.

Large inventory available with new equipment arriving daily. Contact us to have the latest inventory and price lists sent to you. Contact us now